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Shui Interiors

Shui Interiors was the Second company I created in Second Life, a month later after opening Shui Landscapes. So it also has been around for the past Ten (10) years.

I do any type of decor project, no matter the style, except for Events decors, those I only do for my own projects.


When a client books for an Interior Design project, I don't start decorating the areas choosed immediately. All happens first in my real life studio like any interior design studio, days are needed to put together a clients project and only then it is built in Second Life.

A date is given to the client and built in SL 24h before giving the project to the client.


How to book & pay

1- If you are not familiar with my work, please visit my Portfolio.

2- Read the Terms & Conditions.

3- If you agree with the Terms & Conditions, you can then proceed with the booking by clicking on button below.

In the booking checkout, the information that is required such as name, city and so on, is to be filled with Second Life information only so we can reach you if need.

For payments in Lindens or if you need any help, please contact me here through chat or in Second Life (Asharhia Resident).