Asha Wise Rhia

Terms & Conditions

Before hiring me, read below please:

(If you are in a rush, please, do not hire me. My work speaks for itself, creativity can't be rushed.)

Work hours:
- Monday to Friday.

- 12am slt to 6am slt.

- OFF on week-ends! 

Support group:

Join support Group on Facebook to receive your updates:


- Rezz platform @3000m in sky for you to stay while decor being done..

- Officer tag (I leave group when project done).

- Edit rights so I can texturize your walls & floors.

- Empty house or empty room you want me to decorate.

- A notecard w/ request. You can add 1 RL picture as reference if you prefer.

- A landmark (not Surl).

- NO peeking please.

Duration of project:

- Minimum 7 business days. Maybe more depending of project.

Refund Policy:

- No refunds unless I cancel the project.

Special Note:

To create a decor for me, it isn't about putting prims together and to look pretty, it's about giving a soul to the beauty I created for you, the right energies / vibes to the room so it speaks to you as it speaks to me. I put my heart and my soul in each creation I do.

Thank you for your choice.
Thank you for your business.
You are very much appreciated!